Brought to you by BP 1 - 2April 2014. Melbourne , Australia
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During the last Financial Year alone, more than 200 people died in Australia as a result of crashes involving heavy trucks or buses. With Australia’s freight task predicted to grow substantially until 2030, we risk that number to grow if no action is taken now. The risks associated with heavy vehicle road safety and the opportunities to identify, reduce and eliminate them will therefore be at the core of this new industry event.

Hosted by the Australian Road Transport Suppliers’ Association (ARTSA) – in association with many other leading, safety-focused organisations from around Australia – the inaugural Improving Heavy Vehicle Road Safety Summit will distil the major opportunities and initiatives to improve road safety for heavy vehicles in this country.

Held over two days, and covering eight major topics, it will deliver not only information, but facilitate active discussion and information sharing between safety experts and heavy vehicle operators, so that these stakeholders can develop collaborative solutions to the road safety challenge.

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